About us

About Us:

Sinojobs Canada is a professional recruitment service consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada, currently serving local and international clients. Through the local market analysis and accurate positioning of business needs, we help companies to provide the best local solutions in talent recruitment, branding, and marketing. We have excellent international talent resources in the local area to provide fast and efficient customized services for our clients.


加华招聘是一家位于加拿大蒙特利尔的专业招聘服务咨询公司,目前为本地和国际企业客户提供定制服务,帮助企业在人才招聘,品牌推广和营销方面提供最佳加拿大本土解决方案。 我们在加拿大拥有优秀而丰富的国际人才资源,为有需要的企业提供快捷高效的定制服务。